Glutinous Rice [Sticky Rice]


Categories : FRUIT & FOOD SEGMENT Rice


Glutinous Rice [Sticky Rice] is a special breed of long and dense rice with outstanding feature of special stickiness, it is sweeter than other breeds of rice, can be cooked by steaming and has mildly sweet smell, and is suitable for North-eastern and spicy food. It is also can be prepared for dessert.
  • Glutinous rice 10%
  • Glutinous rice 25%
  • Glutinous broken rice A1
  • Packing PE bag 1KG, 2KG, 5KG
  • Packing PP woven bag 5KG, 8KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG, 40KG, 45KG, 50KG and 1,000 KG Jumbo bags

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